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Supposedly removed chapter in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Title Cards containing the Chapter name have been successfully datamined in several languages.


The title found in the Japanese version of the chapter 3 image is not a "peace".

Peace in Japanese is 平和. (BTW Kazuhira is written 和平 using the same letters, hence his claim that his name means peace.)

The Japanese title is 共生 which means "to live together" or "symbiosis". This word is never used to mean peace.

The word 共生 is used at least twice in MGS5 dialogs.

From "Informant's Report":


And if so with Eli he isn't feeding off him, but acting as symbiosis with him.

From "After Credits Dialogue":


Until then we better get used to coexisting.

Chapter 2 ends with the word 共生 which may be the reason it was chosen for the title of Chapter 3.


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